About Us

A little bit about us…

We are a group of artists who love ceramic and boenchina and  want to make the boenchina especially for you. We live in Tang Shan which is famous as the ceramic capital of north China. Hand-painted bone china is one of the most beautiful language(s) to use for the story telling. You can give me your design or what you want, then we can hand-painted the bone China or hand make the things  for you.

Fine hand-painted china is very rare nowadays. The age-old craft has been replaced by mass production. Do you want to own you hand-painted bonechina? Do you want to own handmade ceramic items? Give us your pictures or drawings and we can do it for you! We want to be your friend and expert on bonechina and ceramic.

Elegant you deserve the elegant hand-painted bonechina and hand-made ceramic.