Swedish princess wedding, custom 50 000 Tangshan Porcelain

Swedish princess wedding, custom 50 000 Tangshan Porcelain
19 this month, the Nordic fairy tale rich will usher in a modern fairy tale – 32-year-old Crown Princess of Sweden, Princess Victoria, the future King of Sweden will be “civilian consort prince”, the former fitness coach Westling into the marriage hall.It is reported that the wedding be called since 1981 in Europe since Prince Charles married Diana, the biggest, the most eye-catching royal wedding. It is worth mentioning that, the wedding festival, the royal family gave the distinguished dignitaries States “national gift” was actually from China Tangshan Ceramics.
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Chinese manufacturers to provide 5 million wedding gift

In the morning, this reporter contacted the Tangshan this ceramic enterprise. Lee told reporters the responsible persons, Princess customized ceramic gifts for about 5 million have been packaged into boxes, the month in three batches 4,5 sent to Sweden.

The 5 million gift includes 10,000 ceramic plates and 40,000 cups, plates and cups are printed with pictures of Princess Margaret and her fiance were individually wrapped. Swedish packaging cartons royal crown logo.

“Bone china plates and cups are all materials, porcelain, bone china is the most high-end.” Mr Lee said, in a custom gift before the Swedish royal family other than the demand can not have flaws, no other requirements.

Princess Victoria’s wedding plans in this luxury cost 20 million kronor (about more than 1700 million yuan), in which 700 thousand yuan was used to pay the cost of Chinese porcelain.

Glossary bone

Bone china is the world’s most recognized species of high-grade porcelain, in accordance with international standards, bone containing the ashes of more than 25% of the herbivores, compared to the general ceramics, unique firing process and the ashes of the content makes the bone appear to be more white , delicate, transparent, lightweight.

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